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7 Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry for Your Smile, Marietta

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are getting more and more popular, every single day in today’s contemporary times. If you are looking forward to improving your smile, cosmetic dentistry procedures are supposed to be your go-to options. Though the American Dental Association does not classify the field of cosmetic dentistry, the cosmetic dentists spend thousands of their hours on training and mastering the art of cosmetically changing a person's smile.The best dentist in Marietta is one of the finest cosmetic dentists you would ever come across, who has the capability of giving you a smile you desire and the smiles and dental aesthetics you deserve. In no time, with their unique skill, the best dentist in Marietta will be able to change your smile. The cosmetic dentistry procedures are the procedures that are entirely your choice and dependent on your needs and wants.

  1. The teeth whitening treatment tops the charts when it comes to cosmetic dental procedure. They are almost synonymous terms. Teeth whitening, also known as the teeth bleaching treatment is a procedure that has the capability of whitening and brightening your smile, your teeth from all kinds of stains and discolorations they have been prone to. In less than an hour, through this treatment, you can say hello to your new bright smile.
  2. Another cosmetic dentistry solution at our clinic in Marietta is the dental veneers, which are thing dental shells made of porcelain material or sometimes composite resin material. They are customized according to people’s needs and desires and can be easily fixed/ cemented on the tooth surfaces of the people. Veneers are popular among people because of various reasons- for fixing crooked teeth, discoloration issues, chips, and cracks, and sometimes gaps.
  3. Dental implants can be categorized both under this category, as well as that of cosmetic dentistry. They are titanium made metallic false teeth that can be fixed onto the places in one’s mouth where they are missing teeth, inside the jawbone. They are designed in such a way as to resemble tooth roots.
  4. Dental crowns are another attractive and affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions which are customized for each person. Crowns are prepared in a way to fit over your teeth and are made out of porcelain material. They can withstand major biting pressure and an excellent way to treat your teeth after they have sustained major defects.
  5. Dental shaping is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, which entails the correct shaping of one’s enamel. The tooth can be filled, or certain parts can be removed to make sure all teeth are of the same shape and size.
  6. Cosmetic bonding procedure is a process where a tooth-colored dental material is bonded to one’s teeth, to either repair damaged teeth, or improved they appear in a better fashion. This works well for teeth that have been discolored, broken, cracked and chipped.
  7. The orthodontics treatment through a separate fragment in the field of dentistry can be called cosmetic dentistry solutions as well. Today, not just children, but more and more adults are opting for the orthodontic treatment options to fix misaligned teeth and crooked teeth, for better and straighter smile.

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