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BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

A smile is as unique as its owner. A brilliant and bright smile is inviting and accommodating. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful, even and white teeth. If you smile or laugh with teeth closed or if you are hiding your smile behind your hand, it is about time you come to our dental clinic for aesthetic treatment because here at East Cobb Family Dentistry, we care so much about the quality and health of your smile.Aesthetic dentistry is often times associated with cosmetic dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry is the treatment which accentuates and emphasizes the beauty of your teeth and gums while aesthetic dentistry improve the appearance of your teeth and restore the beauty to where it was lacking or lost. Aesthetic dentists use many types of materials and techniques to reshape teeth, close spaces between them and anything that it takes to improve its overall look. The results of aesthetic dentistry can really very rewarding as you can visibly beautiful smile, fresh confidence and a youthful appearance.

Some of the aesthetic procedures in dentistry are the following:

  1. Tooth colored restorations – tooth colored restorations are normally used after filling cavities made after removal of dental caries. Two of the most common tooth colored restorations are Composite restorations and resin modified GIC.
  2. Braces – Dental braces are used to correct the position of misaligned teeth and improve its functioning and increase the look of the arches. During the use of the braces, aesthetics is completely lost but it should be totally restored and improved after the treatment.
  3. Dentures – Dentures are used to bring back the natural arrangement of the oral cavity when the teeth are lost. Tooth loss can cause regression of the cheeks and jaw bones so use of the dentures would be a great help. Dentures can be categorized into removable partial dentures and complete dentures.
  4. Tooth jewelry – this is a new trend for most young people where dentists make a small hole on the tooth surface and put in a diamond or a gem stone.
  5. Gingival depigmentation – gingival depigmentation is performed for gums which turned to a blackish color from its normal pinkish color. This should eliminate discomfort when you smile because it brings back your gums color into its natural look.

Other aesthetic procedures in dentistry are the following:

  • Bleaching
  • Esthetic odontomy
  • Gingivoplasty
  • Compomers
  • Lumineers
  • Enamel Microabrasion
  • Enamel Macroabrasion

What benefits can you get from aesthetic dentistry?

  1. Aesthetic dental treatments and procedures continue to evolve to become more effective, pain-free and successful. Aesthetic treatments such as teeth whitening are painless and don’t require the use of anesthesia.
  2. Aesthetic dentistry can help restore your confidence. If you used to hide your smile from the world because you are not entirely happy about it, getting an aesthetic treatment will help you boost your self-esteem and restore your confidence in flashing your pearly whites.
  3. Aesthetic dentistry procedures are proven to be safe and effective such as professional teeth whitening. The dentist customizes in-office teeth whitening treatments to your teeth and whitening needs and this virtually eliminates tooth sensitivity.
  4. Aesthetic dentistry can also help improve oral health maintenance because the corrections performed on your teeth helps prevent further decay and lowers the risk of infection when there’s a severe crack in the tooth.
  5. Aesthetic dentistry protects your overall smile.
  6. Aesthetic dentistry increases your career opportunities because your employers would notice how you take good care of yourself especially if you show a straight, white and confident smile. Studies show that people who take better care of their teeth have better chances in interviews as well as social situations.
  7. Aesthetic dentistry helps you increase good oral hygiene because once you have invested the time and money into making your smile what you want it, you’re going to have the motivation to maintain it. You’ll be more likely to spend time brushing, flossing, and rinsing than you usually would. A strong oral health care routine is important for your overall health

If you have any oral problems that can be addressed by aesthetic dentistry, or if you need more information about this, you should contact East Cobb Family Dentistry.

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