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Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

If your teeth are sensitive, it can be painful and distracting. Hot and cold foods, vigorous brushing, and even cold air can all trigger dental pain. There are several reasons that you may experience sensitivity.

Sensitivity Caused By Brushing

If you brush too often or too vigorously, you can erode your tooth enamel, which can cause sensitivity. Overusing dental rinses can irritate your gums and the interior of your mouth. And as over-the-counter teeth whitening products are becoming more popular, Marietta dentists are being approached with complaints of tooth sensitivity caused by their use.

Damaged Teeth

Cavities, cracks, and damage caused by grinding your teeth can cause them to become sensitive and painful. Regular dental check-ups will identify these problems early. Any time that the nerves in your tooth are exposed or over-stimulated you may feel pain.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

During your regular check-up, your Marietta dentist will look for tissue inflammation or areas where your gums may be receding. Periodontal disease left unchecked can lead to many problems and one of those is sensitivity. Gum disease can cause inflammation around the tooth as well as a receding gum line. As gum disease progresses, the cementum wears off, exposing the dentin root surface. Areas of the tooth that show signs of decay can also be very sensitive.

Dental Procedures

After a dental procedure such as a filling, crown, extraction, many people experience sensitivity. If the sensitivity doesn't abate in a short time, you should make another dentist appointment to make sure that an infection hasn't developed.Tooth sensitivity can usually be treated once the cause is identified. Your dentist in Marietta may suggest that you use dental care products that are designed for patients with sensitive teeth. Tooth pain of any kind can be a sign of bigger problems and should be evaluated by your dentist. Good dental hygiene using proper methods and regular check-ups are the best way to avoid tooth sensitivity. If you are suffering from teeth sensitivity, schedule a visit the East Cobb Dentistry today.

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