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Common Reasons for Tooth Extractions

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Although our second set of teeth is meant to last throughout our lifetime (hence they are referred to as permanent teeth), there are several reasons why it is sometimes necessary to have a tooth or some teeth extracted.

  • The tooth cannot be saved. Years of neglect, poor oral hygiene or certain diseases can sometimes cause irreparable damage to teeth.
  • To get a mouth ready for orthodontics, it is sometimes necessary to extract some teeth to allow for proper alignment of the remaining teeth.
  • The tooth cannot break through the gums. In order to avoid pain and complications down the road, a dentist may recommend extracting the impacted tooth.
  • Tooth extraction is sometimes necessary to prevent the spread of infection from an extremely decayed or diseased tooth to the rest of the mouth.
  • The tissues and bones surrounding the teeth are severely infected from periodontal disease, causing teeth to become loose. To prevent the onset of infection (bacteria can enter and breed in the gaps between the teeth and the gums), some dentists think it is better to extract the affected tooth/teeth.

Proper oral care and regular dental visits go a long way in promoting and maintaining a healthy mouth. Here at East Cobb Dentistry, our experienced Marietta dentists are committed to doing everything they can to help you achieve and enjoy a healthy oral environment. We offer the latest and safest products and services in all our preventive, restorative and aesthetic procedures.We can help with your concerns regarding cosmetic surgery and dental implants as well. If your need the services of an experienced endodontist in Marietta, Ga., make an appointment with us right away. The care of your mouth is important as it has been proven that oral health is intimately linked to a person’s overall health. Trust our dental professionals here at East Cobb Dentistry to help your take care of your mouth and give you a healthy oral environment.

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