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Elements of a Good Dental Check-up

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Regular dental exams can catch problems early, thereby preventing them from getting worse or causing bigger problems later on. It is good to know what your dentist is looking for during a routine check-up so you can ask intelligent questions after the session. Being in possession of correct and accurate information about the health of your teeth and gums is the first step towards good oral health.Here at East Cobb Dentistry, we believe that our patients should be active participants in their oral care. Working together, we can maintain the perfect smile.As trusted dentists in Marietta, Ga. since 1992, we know how important it is for patients to have regular dental visits. Read on to find out what to expect during your next check-up.

Medical History

We start with a medical history of each patient. There could be some medical conditions that may affect future dental treatments, so it is best to get this information right off the bat.

Teeth Condition

X-rays reveal the inside of your teeth. They tell us how healthy they are and also allow us to examine the roots of your teeth as well as the areas in between them. Root health, the presence or absence of cavities and bone loss all give us a clearer picture of your general oral health.

Mouth and Neck

After the X-ray, we check your gums for any signs of infection or periodontal disease that could lead to tooth loss. A thorough dental check-up, like the ones performed by our Marietta dentists, includes checking other areas such the tongue and the roof of the mouth for any suspicious lesions which could indicate oral cancer.We also examine the neck area to check if the glands and lymph nodes can tell us anything about other general health conditions.We encourage our patients to ask questions before and after the check-up and we always explain any procedures we perform before starting. If you need an expert cosmetic dentist in Marietta Ga., come to us. Our experience is the best way to get a winning smile.

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