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Essential Health Benefits of Sports Mouth Guards

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Protecting the teeth is one of the top priorities anyone shouldn’t ignore since they play a vital role in one's life. The pearly whites are essential in speaking clearly and eating without any difficulties. Unfortunately, there are also instances wherein we involve ourselves in activities that could possibly damage our teeth and other oral structures. That said, everyone should take the available measures for their protection. When it comes to sports, aside from securing all the gears, we at East Cobb Family Dentistry encourages athletes to consider sports mouth guard as well!

A sports mouth guard is a type of oral appliance that is ideal for those who participate in sports or other physical activities that involve body contact, flying objects, falls, and more. It is worn over the teeth to protect the oral structures from injuries. Below are some of the reasons why sports mouth guards are essential.

boy wearing mouth guard
  • Sports mouth guards act as a buffer for the oral structures to prevent lacerations, bruising, as well as chipped or broken teeth. The risk of traumatic injuries and concussions are reduced because it acts as a shock absorber between the upper and lower jaw.
  • The appliance protects the mouth against damages from braces. Receiving an accidental blow to the mouth, without sports mouth guards, can lead to soft tissue damage. For brace-wearers, considering mouth guards for both the upper and lower teeth is ideal.
  • With sports mouth guards, athletes can become more confident, focused, and even aggressive during their games; therefore, making them earn positive results.
  • The oral appliance can be customized based on the needs of a particular athlete. So, they can expect it to offer the best comfort, fit, and protection.

Choosing just any mouth guard won't do! Although there are cheaper and more accessible over the counter options, opting for the ones crafted under the expertise of a dental professional is the most reliable.

Get added protection to your teeth by availing of our sport mouth guards under Preventive Services in Marietta, GA. Book your appointment with East Cobb Family Dentistry to get yours customized! Our dental office is located at 2969 Johnson Ferry Rd, Marietta, GA 30062.

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