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Facts to Know About Dental Fillings in Marietta, GA

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

A lot of people in America have their teeth filled with dental fillings. Why is that so? Dental fillings became an in-demand treatment in dentistry simply because the cases of cavities in the U.S. and around the world – mushroomed over time. Yes, the said restoration option is for someone who has been affected by tooth decay.Getting the hole in the tooth caused by decay covered with dental fillings is imperative. When the damage is not addressed while in its early form, it can progress. Believe us when we say that severe cavity in the tooth can no longer be treated with a filling. In the long run, patients will be obliged to receive a more complicated treatment, like a root canal, to counter the mentioned oral problem. East Cobb Family Dentistry provides dental fillings. With it, we can help restore the function and appearance of your decayed tooth.

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All About Dental Fillings

The placement of dental fillings is quick and easyDental fillings involve a straightforward procedure. The dentist will have to clean the tooth that needs the treatment and apply the filling material afterward. With the use of a drill, the decayed portions of the tooth are eliminated.Dental fillings have many typesThere are many options to choose from when getting a filling. Patients can select ceramic or tooth-colored fillings. Other alternatives include gold cast fillings and silver amalgam. It is better to discuss with the dentist to know which type of dental filling is suited for you.The temporary filling is not a substitute for the real dental fillingsDental professionals sometimes apply temporary fillings while waiting for the real prosthesis, like in the case of a root canal. But while the non-permanent fillings help safeguard the tooth, they are not replacements for the actual dental filling. Temporary fillings cannot withstand chewing forces for long.Caring for dental fillings is simpleThe regular oral care routine is sufficient to keep dental fillings intact on the teeth. Performing brushing, flossing, mouth rinsing, and dental visits can go a long way in maintaining the excellent state of the dental restoration.Dental fillings are not a lifetime solutionFillings have an impressive lifespan of 7-12 years. However, patients should take note that they need to acquire new dental fillings after the given period to continually safeguard their teeth.Cavities are tough; but do know that when they are treated early with the help of dental fillings, their harmful effects can be reversed completely.Contact us at East Cobb Family Dentistry if you need dental fillings. You may also check our other Restorative Services in Marietta, GA. We are located at 2969 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30062.

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