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Fluoride Treatment Facts Everyone Should Know

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Everyone may have heard about fluoride being added to water supplies and also seen it on numerous tubes of toothpaste and even several types of mouthwash. But how about the fluoride treatment offered at dental offices? The mineral used is unlike the ones that are added in most over the counter oral products. Professional fluoride applications make use of higher concentrations and are administered topically by a dentist. Should patients take advantage of the said service? Our answer at East Cobb Family Dentistry is YES since we know how patients can benefit from the said procedure. So, for everyone to feel at ease in giving fluoride applications a go, here are some facts we prepared.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride applications are not just for children

Anyone at any age is vulnerable to cavities, not just the little ones. This fact alone goes to prove that even teens and adults should undergo the said service. Patients with special needs and the elderly who have trouble keeping their mouth clean are also good candidates to lower their risk of developing cavities.

There is no risk of fluorosis

If patients worry about the potential staining of the teeth (fluorosis), know that this is only possible during the developmental state of the pearly whites. If a pregnant mother drinks too much fluoride during pregnancy, their baby’s teeth are more likely to have dark brown strains. If fluoride is topically applied on the teeth by the dentist, there are no stains involved.

It would not cause pain

Patients do not have to be fearful of the procedure since a fluoride application is noninvasive. The mineral will be simply applied on the teeth for a few minutes, no drillings or shots involved.

Fluoride strengthens the enamel

The teeth fight a continuous battle of the loss of minerals (demineralization) and the replenishment of what has been lost (remineralization). By availing of fluoride application, patients can expect that the remineralization of the teeth is increased. Therefore, the risk of cavity formation decreases.

Fluoride application can reverse the early formation of cavities

If demineralization surpasses remineralization, cavity takes place. Believe it or not, by availing of fluoride application, and by practicing proper oral hygiene, the progression of early cavities can be stopped.

Professional fluoride treatment is worth its cost

Although many products contain the said mineral, know that the topical application performed by the dentist is much effective. By availing of the service, patients are assured that their teeth are kept safe against the attack of acids, which can result in cavities.

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