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Gum Health in Marietta, GA: Its Benefits and Tips for Their Care

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Keeping the oral health in shape is not just all about teeth, other oral structures, like the gums, matter as well. Do know that these tissue play a vital role in supporting the teeth and compromising them can also put the oral structures at risk over time. Aside from these, there are other reasons why ensuring the state of periodontal health is essential. Continue reading!

Dental Checkup

Gum disease preventionPeriodontal disease is something that should not be disregarded since it can lead to other complications that can affect both oral and general health. Despite its seriousness, patients are assured that prevention and treatment are highly possible. It is best for patients to take action as soon as the earliest signs manifest like the inflammation of the gums. Seek professional attention once bleeding after brushing or flossing sessions are experienced.Quick Fact: Contrary to what most people believe, the primary cause of tooth loss is gum disease and not cavities, especially to adults.Keeps the heart healthyAccording to certain studies, the state of the gums can affect the heart. For instance, someone who has gum disease is more likely to develop cardiovascular problems as well. It only goes to prove that periodontal and general health have some sort of connection.Quick Fact: Besides cardiovascular disease, other general health issues that can be experienced are diabetes, birth complications, asthma, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and osteoporosis.InfectionsThe occurrence of gum disease makes a person more vulnerable to health complications. The condition allows the harmful substances in the mouth to gain access to the bloodstream. As a result, those who have a weak immune system are at risk of infections.

Tips in Caring for the Gums

  • Use fluoridated oral products to give the teeth and gums added protection.
  • Incorporate gum friendly foods as part of one’s diet.
  • Stop smoking! Doing so will not only do good to the body but the gums as well. The main reason is, smoking causes the immune system to weaken. As a result, it is harder for a patient to fight off gum infections. It also impairs the healing ability of a person to recover from the condition.
  • Make sure to practice good oral hygiene habits. Brush twice daily for two minutes, floss at least once, and rinse more often (with mouthwash or water).
  • The best thing to do is to seek the assistance of a dentist, consider visiting us at East Cobb Family Dentistry. We are more than happy and able to determine the primary cause of the problem so that treatments will be provided accordingly.

If you experience early signs of periodontal disease, like the sudden bleeding of gums, bad breath, or loose teeth, contact our office at East Cobb Family Dentistry for Gum disease treatment (periodontics) in Marietta, GA!

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