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How to Choose a Dentist with Experience in Dealing with Dental Anxiety

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

If you hate going to a dental office, you’re not alone. Ask people for a list of non-criminal types that they are afraid to meet, and most lists will probably feature dentists along with clowns.Part of the reason for this anxiety about dentists is that a lot of people have actually had some bad experiences with dentists. They’re not just imagining things. Some have gone through a lot of pain at a dental office before, while others may have been subjected to an uncaring dentist or one who offered ridicule and humiliation for patients with bad oral hygiene.The good news is, there are dentists who are great at assuaging these fears. If you tend to get all anxious when your dental appointment comes up, then what you really need is a dentist with experience in dealing with patients like you. They know all the little tricks to make you feel less afraid.Here are some of the things they do and help you dealing with dental anxiety:

1. They agree to meet beforehand.

Part of the reason you may feel anxious about your dental office visit is a simple fear of the unknown. A dentist with experience in handling this will agree to meet with you before you actually become a patient. They can talk to you in their office, while leaving the door open so that you don’t have any lingering claustrophobic feelings. They can then give you an overview of what to expect, so the unknown becomes known.

2. They keep the scary dental equipment out of sight.

Honestly, some of those things look like they’re designed for torture. Some dentists may show them to you first by holding them up instead of just putting them in a tray, but you may feel more relaxed when you don’t really see them at all. You can then just close your eyes when the dentist works on your teeth.

3. They offer panoramic X-rays.

You may be one of those people who hate it when the tabs are placed in your mouth for the X-ray. This is especially true if you have a sensitive gag reflex.

4. They have a sense of humor that matches yours.

This, of course, is a rather iffy tactic, but for the most part grim doctors can be really scary. But a dentist who matches your humor can really help reduce the stress you feel and make the entire atmosphere less scary.

5. They notice if you are a mouth-breather.

If that’s the case, their hands in your mouth can be a problem. They may offer nasal strips or nitrous oxide to help you breathe better.These are just some of the things dentists can do to help you overcome your fear of dentists. Your anxiety is not silly at all, and a dentist who brushes off your concerns may not be your best option. What you need is a dentist with experience in dealing with this anxiety.Come visit East Cobb Family Dentistry, we will make you feel calm and comfortable. Our Doctors have experience in dealing with dental anxiety. We have experience servicing patients of all ages.

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