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Prostate Disease Linked to Gum Disease

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

According to dentists in Marietta, Ga., researchers are finding that there is a possible link between poor dental hygiene and prostate disease. About eight percent of the population suffers from prostatitis which is the inflammation of the prostate gland. The link comes from the inflammation levels in the prostrate. Researchers have found that the prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which is an enzyme that usually is secreted in very small amounts, is secreted in higher amounts in men with periodontal disease and prostate cancer than in men with just one or the other.Studies done at Case Western Reserve University have found that patients who were diagnosed with prostatitis have a lower chemical attachment level (CAL) between the teeth and the gums. Marietta dentists are taking the study seriously and educating their patients.The participants in the study had not had dental work done for five months prior to the study and were given an initial examination to determine their level of gum health. They were then separated into two groups. One group included men with high PSA levels and for moderate to severe prostatitis and even malignancy and the other group was made up of men who showed a range of PSA that was within normal levels. Researchers found that those with the most severe cases of prostatitis also exhibited symptoms of periodontal disease.The best way to avoid periodontal disease is to properly brush and floss as well as visit your Marietta family dentist for regular cleanings. There are many things that can affect your dental health such as poor hygiene, poor diet, sugary drinks, diabetes and smoking to name a few. Taking better care of your teeth and gums as well as having regular prostate examinations can help to avoid such a situation.More and more researchers are finding links between your body’s overall health and poor dental hygiene. It is important for you to take time out of your busy life for your regular check-ups and cleanings. Visit East Cobb Family Dentistry in Marietta to be evaluated and they will design an effective dental care plan for you and your family members.

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