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BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Teeth problems are not really something that should make you feel worried about especially if these are just minor damages, chips and discoloration, because there are now a lot of dental solutions that will address several types of issues and conditions concerning the appearance, function and health of your teeth. In cases like these, restorative dentistry can be the ideal solution for you.Restorative dentistry is referred to as the study, diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions, diseases and infections involving your teeth, gums and the other supporting structures. It is designed for the rehabilitation of not only the appearance of your teeth, but also their function and health. Most general dentists are able to perform the procedures under restorative dentistry and some of these procedures are fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures as well as dental implants.

Restorative dentistry is recommended for the following teeth conditions:

  • Teeth that have been damaged due to either severe decay or trauma
  • Teeth that have been extremely worn because of erosion that’s been happening for a long period of time due to certain food and beverages as well as acid reflux.
  • Teeth that are damaged due to grinding
  • Teeth that were injured or fractured

To know more about the procedures involved in restorative dentistry, below are some of the examples:

  • Fillings, one of the most commonly used treatment in dental restoration, is used to save a slightly decayed tooth with the use of filling materials that are made of gold, silver, amalgam, or tooth colored materials called plastic resins.
  • Bridges are the false teeth that are used to fill in the spaces or “bridge” the gaps that are left by a missing tooth that could have fallen out or have been extracted.
  • Dental crowns. Crowns are tooth shaped caps that are used to cover a tooth to improve its shape, size, color, alignment and strength. It can also be used to hold a bridge in place or to act as an artificial tooth for a dental implant.
  • Implant are metal post, usually made of titanium, that are attached to your jawbone in order to serve as the artificial tooth roots for the missing tooth. The implant is made to integrate with your bone structures and once it is ready, it will be covered by a dental crown.
  • Dentures are a way to replace missing teeth and these appliances are removable. If you have all your permanent teeth missing, complete dentures will be recommended for your, however if you only have a few teeth missing, partial dentures can be used.

What are the advantages of restorative dentistry?

  • Restorative dentistry can help eliminate the discomfort caused by the decay or the damage in your teeth. If you have a cracked, chipped or severely decayed tooth, restorative dental procedures can get them addressed so that you will not have to suffer from pain and discomfort for so long. An example is the root canal treatment that can be provided for a severely decayed tooth. Once the infected pulp is removed, you can already start saying goodbye to toothaches plus you get to have your tooth restored to look and function like a natural tooth once again.
  • Your dental restorations will look natural and you will not even be able to notice the difference. Some of the examples of the restorative options you can select are crowns, filings, bridges, veneers and many others. With these treatments, the materials that are used are made to match the natural color of your teeth so that they can blend in.
  • The restorations will restore your natural eating functions and speech. Even if you have lost a tooth, getting restorations will bring back your natural ability to speak properly, chew, bite and eat.
  • Restorative dentistry can improve your oral health, especially when you have a damaged teeth due to infection. In order to prevent the spread of infection, dental solutions under restorative dentistry can be performed, and examples are fillings and root canal treatments. Not only will you get to have your teeth restored to their natural look and function, you can also get to protect your oral health.

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