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Weirdest Facts About the Teeth You Probably Don't Know - Marietta, GA

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Everyone has so many reasons to thank their teeth. Not only does it make them look good, but it also helps with their growth since infancy and their proper development. The teeth also became a foundation in building their confidence!

Preventive Care

Children can grow a total of 20 primary teeth, while adults can have 32 permanent teeth. But did you know that some people can develop more teeth than their jaw can handle? The condition is referred to as Hyperdontia, and these are called supernumerary teeth. Want to know more weird stuffs that have to do with teeth? We got you covered!Misplaced teethThere are instances where the teeth grow sideways or even on the wrong portion of the jaw, but these can be fixed with certain dental treatments like orthodontics. But did you know that there were situations where it grew in places least expected? One example is a 23-year-old man who had been experiencing constant nose bleeds. While its occurrence is quite common to some, he was getting tired of having to put up with it, so he went to see a doctor. A horrifying site was discovered! There is a tooth growing in the man’s left nostril which erupted from the floor of his nasal cavity! About 0.15% to 3.9% of people in the world experience this condition. Some even have a tooth growing out from their eyes, ear, foot, and also on one infant’s brain!The boy who have 232 teethYes, you read that correctly, 232 teeth found from a 17-year-old boy in India. It was discovered when a tumor was removed from his lower jaw, and pearl-like teeth started coming out. The doctors who performed the procedure started collecting it and counted a total of 232 teeth! At some point, they even used a hammer and chisel to remove some fragments from the boy’s jaw.The Lord of PatienceIn any Catholic church, a religious icon is sure to be spotted which are mostly made of plastic or wood. But in a small town outside of Mexico City, San Bartolo Cuautlalpan, a figurine was discovered to be more lifelike than the rest. They were restoring the wooden icon called “The Lord of Patience” that portrays the moment before the crucifixion. When they started to perform an x-ray, they noticed something weird about its teeth, it actually has roots! Further examination suggested that it has eight human teeth, probably from a healthy adult person.Well, since we provided you with these facts, want to know a little secret to keep your teeth healthy at all times? Actually, it is not much of a mystery here at East Cobb Family Dentistry. We make sure to care for our patients' oral health by performing Preventive Services which includes prophylaxis, sealants, mouthguards, fluoride treatments, and periodontal maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape!Get healthy and cavity-free teeth! Book a visit with us for our Preventive Dentistry services in Marietta, GA. Contact us at East Cobb Family Dentistry to schedule your appointment!

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