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What Are the Difference Between Lumineers and Veneers, Marietta?

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Lumineers and veneers are two dental restorations that are often confused for each other because of the major ways in which they are similar. Both Lumineers and veneers are made out of thin layers of durable material that can correct all of your dental defects and cosmetic problems in your dental aesthetics as well. No matter how many similarities and how many similar ways both Lumineers and veneers could treat you and your dental aesthetics, there are always differences between the two.The most important of all kinds of differences is the amount of change it is going to cause to your dental aesthetics while the restoration process is going on. While the Lumineers ensure there is no major form of alteration to your dental structures, veneers ensure that there is some level of alteration present to the dental structures. Because of this simple reason, the Lumineers are the better option out of the two.Uses: both Lumineers and veneers are significant dental restorations for correcting your teeth and their imperfections. The exterior parts of your teeth that have sustained damage can be repaired, along with fixing the problems related to them being crooked. It not only straightens them but also strengthens them. Both Lumineers and veneers are also used to cover the dental fillings to give your teeth a pleasant appearance. Not only this, but their usability also extends to filling gaps. Gaps are said to be corrected with the help of procedures under orthodontics, however, both Lumineers and veneers tend to provide better and faster results to the problem of gapping between teeth. Lumineers and veneers provide your dental aesthetics with a natural appearance, including the natural color and sheen of your original teeth, and tend to restore the natural strength back as well.Here are some of the differences between the two:Veneers are made out of two materials- either composite resin or out of porcelain. The porcelain ones tend to be durable and sturdy. They give your teeth a natural appearance and therefore are an expensive option in comparison to the ones made out of composite resin.The procedure to restore your dental aesthetics with the help of dental veneers is somewhat problematic in comparison to the Lumineers because there is an involvement of reshaping the tooth. About 5mm of your teeth surfaces would need removal to fix the veneers over them. This is done so that your teeth do not look unnatural and bulky. This way your teeth would lose some major parts of your teeth enamel.On the other hand, Lumineers are a better option when it comes to dental restoration. They serve the same purposes and functionality as do the veneers but their placement procedures are not as tricky as that of the veneers. The veneers tend not to remove the layers of enamel from your teeth, which makes Lumineers a better and a long-lasting solution. The structure of your teeth would remain unchanged this way. They are durable and tend to add strength to your dental aesthetics as well.Consult the best dentist in Marietta to know more about dental Lumineers and veneers. Book your appointments, call us- (770) 913-6800. Or visit us- 2969 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA 30062.

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