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Why is Root Canal Treatment Useful for the People of Marietta?

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Root canal treatment is beneficial when the tooth of the person is infected, broken or cracked, but is still in a salvageable state. Root canal or endodontic treatment is viable when the state of the tooth or teeth is such that they need not be extracted. Hence, the actual tooth or teeth of a person are retained. Thus, the patient does not need to undergo treatment like dentures or dental implants and have new teeth.

What exactly is root canal treatment?

In this line of treatment, an opening is made in the tooth which helps the dentist reach the dental pulp region. This is the portion of the tooth under the enamel and the dentine layers. This pulp at times gets infected. Thus, it has to be removed. After its removal, the dental cavity is cleaned up and disinfected to clear all traces of infection from it. The cavity is then filled up with a material like gutta-percha. The next step is sealing off the cavity from outside environs with cement. Then a dental cap or crown may be placed atop to function as the tooth as we see it.

What precautions should be taken after endodontic treatment?

A person should maintain good oral hygiene after undergoing endodontic treatment. This means regular brushing twice a day, for at least two minutes each time. Also, regular flossing at least once a day should be done. To be on the safe side, the patient should brush after every meal. However, if this is not possible, then at least rinsing the mouth each time after eating is highly recommended. Also, the patient should visit the dentist on a regular basis to check the condition of the tooth on which root canal treatment has been performed.

Is root canal more cost-effective than dental implants?

Root canal treatment takes only one to two sittings with the dentist. It is also more cost-effective than extracting the tooth or teeth and getting dental implants placed.

What is the difference between the two treatments?

Dental implant procedure requires the tooth to be extracted. Also, during the treatment, a titanium screw is implanted into the jaw bone. Within three to four months the jaw bone grows around the screw naturally. Then a crown is fitted atop this implant. This functions as the tooth as we see it. Dental implants, if taken care of properly, can last an entire lifetime of a person. One should practice good oral hygiene even in the case of dental implants. Regular visits to the dentist to keep checking on the implants and getting adjustments done to them periodically is a must. Dental implants tend to be a more effective line of treatment as compared with dentures as well. Dentures may become loose with time, and they have to be replaced. In root canal therapy, as mentioned before, the tooth is not extracted.You can also check out our Patient Center for pertinent information and forms to fill out before your office visit.

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