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Why would my dentist refer me to lumineers and veneers?

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

Lumineers, for the record, are ultra-thin veneers. If these are to be used, there is an option of no-shots and no-drilling technique to be utilized for the dental procedure. In the dental parlance, this is called “no tooth preparation.” The whole principle behind this process is that the veneers are super thin and can be cemented onto the front portion of the tooth or teeth without drilling. As drilling is not needed, there is no requirement of taking an anesthetic. Hence these are ideal for those people who are a bit unnerved with dental procedures but still would like to go in for teeth betterment techniques.

More differences between lumineers and veneers

Ultra thin laminates are usually termed as those are as thin as 0.2 to 0.3 millimeters. A given brand of these is lumineers. Probably, this brand is the best-known one in its circuit. Traditional veneers, on the other hand, are of the order of a minimum of 0.5 millimeters thickness. Lumineers is also well known due to certain other reasons. One is that these veneers are fashioned out of cerinate porcelain. Second is that these veneers are very strong. Also, treated teeth are a bit sensitive. Hence, with lumineers, since no trimming is done, sensitivity is not such an issue. The no-prep veneers are attached straight onto the tooth or teeth enamel, and this bonding is very durable and strong. During trimming while attaching other veneers, at times the enamel is eroded, and dentin layer is exposed. This makes the whole bonding a little less strong and durable.

How are lumineers placed?

For this, the process to be done during the first visit to the dentist is pretty quick. It involves polishing the tooth or teeth and taking a dental impression. One does not have to wear temporary veneers for a while too with this procedure. Then, on during the next visit, the lumineers can be cemented onto the front portion of the tooth. Those who are a bit suspicious of the simplicity of the procedure for lumineers argue that these are a just a minor up gradation to the front of the tooth or teeth. Since there is no tooth trimming involved to level out the surface first, the result may or may not be satisfactory. For more details, please contact: (770) 913-6800.

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