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Why You Should Schedule a Teeth Cleaning before the Holidays

BY East Cobb Family Dentistry

The holiday season is a time for family gatherings, shopping sprees doubling as catch up marathon outings with friends, and seemingly endless rounds of social obligations. Rich foods meticulously and specially prepared for the holiday, as well as tantalizing and decadent, bust-your-diet desserts fill the festive tables.If you simply must indulge in the calorie excesses of the season, do not let your teeth suffer in the process. We suggest scheduling a teeth cleaning appointment with your dentist just before the holiday season fully descends upon your doorstep. The following is among the many reasons:

  • The sugar pileup from savoring grandma’s rich and chewy cinnamon buns, and the many different flavors of candy canes can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. A thorough professional cleaning before the dessert marathon begins will at least make sure there is less of cavity-causing sugar overload in your mouth for the duration of the holidays.
  • Give your teeth an extra boost for the numerous photo ops during the holidays. You dress up your house and holiday table; why not do the same for your pearly whites and keep them that way throughout the season and beyond?
  • Most insurance companies do not allow you to transfer unused benefits to the next calendar year, so why not schedule an appointment for teeth cleaning before the onset of the busy holiday season? That way, you maximize your dental coverage and get a healthy mouth in time to welcome the New Year.

An abundance of rich foods, flowing wine and spirits, and irresistible desserts challenge even the most floss-conscious among us. As experienced Marietta dentists, we know how crucial oral health is to our overall well-being. Schedule your regular dental check-up with us. If you need cosmetic or dental implants in Marietta, Ga., our experienced dentists are trained to provide those services as well.

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