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There is a lot of preventive work patients can do on your own in your own home, such as simple teeth brushing, flossing and rinsing, but that is not enough. More detailed work from a professional Marietta family dentist is necessary to maintain the full quality of your teeth and mouth. East Cobb Family Dentistry's preventive dental care procedures involve regular maintenance to upkeep your smile and help discourage potential future damage to it. We want our patients always looking and feeling your best.

Ensure Your Oral Health

We offer the following preventive services:

  • Prophylaxis – Focuses on the prevention of diseases and their spread
  • Sealants – Consists of coatings applied to the teeth to protect their surface and make them stronger
  • Bite splints (mouthguards) – Helps to prevent clenching and grinding of your teeth, and decreases the pain that comes from that
  • Fluoride treatment – Uses fluoride to restore the strength of your teeth's enamel and discourage tooth decay
  • Periodontal maintenance – Regular teeth cleanings
  • Sports mouthguards – Protects teeth from damage, as well as damage to your tongue from being accidentally bitten down on while running around and coming into contact with others

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